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Hi, I'm Salmonhead
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About me

Hello. I'm salmonhead. I play the guitar and the harmonica. i have drums in my shoes. SOmetimes i also play a bass keyboard. Oh and percussion. People say my songs are weird. But in a good way. They're also fun to sing a long to. My shows are never perfect. they always go a bit crazy and people don't know what quite happened. but they always leave smiling with a 'what the hell was that' kind of vibe. Age also doesn't seem to matter so if you're a parent you'll probably enjoy as much as you're kids and if you're a kid you'll probably enjoy as much as you're parents. I've played at SplenDour, Falls, Brisbane Writers festival, HOTA and more so i sort of know what i'm doing. 

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"The strangest, absurdist set to ever hit The Tivoli."


"The parents enjoyed it even more than the kids."

    HOTA (Gold Coast Home of the Arts)



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+61 7 3852 3888
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